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What Is Brittbot?

Brittbot is a website translating the difficulties surrounding all things websites, web hosting, and web development into easy to understand articles and ebooks.

The content on the site is for freelancers, independent contractors and small businesses to assist them not only with the website needs, but to help them build their brand online.

You’ll see content about the following:

  • Website Creation: Finding the proper web hosting, how to register a domain name, and which type of platform to use to create your website to name a few.
  • WordPress: What’s new in WordPress, how-to guides, and best-practices for using the Content Management System (CMS).
  • Website Security: How to keep your business’ data, along with your customer’s data, safe from hackers and other bad actors.
  • Analytics: Understand who visits your website and how long they visit using different products and/or plugins.
  • Web Development: What programming languages to learn to create or improve your websites, along with showcasing some of my projects.

How-To Ebooks

Create A Business Website With WordPress In Nine Step

Available for $5 on Amazon or Gumroad

Securing Your WordPress Website For Beginners

Available for $5 on Amazon or Gumroad

Who Is Brittbot?

Back in 2017 I worked at a startup doing a combination of things, which is pretty normal for a small startup company. There was probably five or six people working there when I joined. My job was to provide tech support for our customers, perform various WordPress tasks like creating websites, applying customer updates, running updates, things like that. At one point I started writing documentation for us employees to use and for our customers because there was none.

Whenever I got a task I started right one it and can complete it quickly if given uninterrupted time. That’s just who I am. I did that one day and surprised one of my coworkers (in a good way) who said that I was like a robot. Another coworker chimed in and called me “Brittbot.” Instantly, the nickname stuck.

Then one day after after work, I got the bright idea to buy brittbot as a domain name. I’m wasn’t sure what I was going to use it for but domain names are cheap so it didn’t matter. I went to my favorite domain registrar, Namecheap, discovered brittbot.com was available, and bought it.

So who is Brittbot? My name is Brittany Gates and I’m a writer, tech pro, and entrepreneur. If you would like to learn more about me please visit my personal website here which will provide more information.

My Latest Tweets

Customer: Why did you tell me my website suffered downtime?
Me: You purchases a VPS. Monitoring your website is your responsibility. We only monitor if the infrastructure is working properly.

To make matters worse the customer has an uptime monitor.

I had reservations about becoming a web host reseller and help people build their websites.

After working at a web hosting company I definitely don’t want to build or maintain websites for customers.

New on my blog is my review of EasyWP: The Managed WordPress service sold by Namecheap.

How’s the performance? Is it good to host all types of WP sites? How long have I used it? I answer those questions here: https://brittbot.com/my-review-of-easywp/

Everyone, please create strong passwords. And don’t use the same password for every website. Finally, dont share passwords over email.

Me: To investigate your issue on WordPress further on your VPS do you mind supplying your login credentials? Please send them through our secured section on our website and not through email.

* Customer emails their username and password. *