renewing my experience with python

Renewing My Experience With Python


I’m currently renewing my experience with Python after not using the language for over a year. Although I’m having to look up how to use some of the built-in functions, I surprised myself how much I remember. Why Am I Currently Renewing My Experience With Python? I’m renewing my experience with Python for a couple […]

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my wordpress security guide

My WordPress Security Guide Is Now Available!


My WordPress security guide, Securing Your WordPress Website For Beginners , is now available for purchase on Amazon and Gumroad for $5. Please share it with anyone you know who can use this information. This how-to guide explains how to secure a WordPress installation and website to a beginner using easy-to-understand language and steps. Hence, […]

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wordpress security guide for beginners

WordPress Security Guide For Beginners


I’m currently writing a WordPress security guide for beginners. “Brittbot, you just wrote a WordPress guide last week and told us about it. Why are you writing another one?” Because people are buying that guide and I have more expertise to share. Why Am I Writing A WordPress Security Guide For Beginners? The main reason […]

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why you must own your platform

Why You Must Own Your Platform

Building Your Brand

Yesterday the news broke about OnlyFans: They are banning sexually explicit content starting in October. In turn, many creators on that platform are upset because they feel betrayed. Plus, they are going to either create less-explicit content or find another website to host their content. OnlyFans’ move is why you must own your platform. If […]

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