Zero Day WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities: How To Detect Them

zero day wordpress plugin vulnerabilities

One of the most important parts of maintaining a WordPress website is keeping it secure. Not only does this protect your customer’s data but it also preserves your reputation. There are various ways to protect your site from viruses and hackers. However, there is an integral function in WordPress that can and will make any site susceptible to bad actors: plugins. Today I discuss zero day WordPress plugin vulnerabilities, how hackers can use the vulnerability to attack your site, how to detect them, and how to protect your website.

How Hackers Can Use Zero Day WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities To Harm Your Site

When there is a zero day issue that means there isn’t a patch readily available for download to defend your site from bad actors. This usually happens because the extensions features some bad code or a bug that creates the zero day WordPress plugin vulnerabilities.

So when it comes to WordPress plugins a hacker can use this weakness to obtain unauthorized access. Sometimes they can even gain administrative access which usually allows them to take over your entire site. They could delete it or steal sensitive data.

How To Detect Zero Day WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities

The best way I’ve seen to detect zero day WordPress plugin vulnerabilities is to use the Wordfence firewall. It’s the firewall I use on all my WordPress sites, and it’s the one I recommend to anyone and everyone.

Wordfence has a large team of individuals who check for any security issues affecting any part of the WordPress ecosystem. If they find something they will send out an email to anyone who subscribes to their email list. You do not have to install the plugin on your site to get this info. You can join their mailing list here.

In addition to telling you which plugin is affected, Wordfence provides details if the vulnerability is zero day or has a patch/update. Thus, you will have the details on how to protect your site. Speaking of which….

How To Protect Your Site From This Issue

The easiest way to protect your site from this issue is to disable the plugin and wait for a patch. However, this will remove the functionality from your website immediately. And this could break your site depending on what the plugin does. So what can you do in this case?

You can continue to keep the plugin active as the developer will probably release a fix for the vulnerable plugin quickly. During this time you will have to monitor your site’s security and health constantly.

Finally, you can find another plugin that’s secure that provides most, if not all, of the functions the current vulnerable plugin offers. You can usually find one easily by searching the WordPress plugin directory or using a search engine. You may have to do this if the developer cannot or will not update their plugin. Unfortunately, this happens more than you think.

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