wordpress admin usernames to avoid

WordPress Admin Usernames To Avoid

There are several ways to increase the security on your self-hosted WordPress installation. Today I will discuss WordPress admin usernames to avoid which will help keep your installation more secure.

What Is The WordPress Admin Account?

The WordPress admin account is the account that allows anyone to make any and all changes to the WordPress installation. Thus, if a bad actor were able to get control over this account he or she could do very bad things to the installation and/or the website.

After you install WordPress you are guided on creating the username for the admin account. By default WordPress uses “admin.” And that’s a problem.

Why Is Using The “Admin” Username A Problem?

I wrote previously about how to protect your website. In that article I discuss how anyone can access the WordPress login screen by adding “/wp-admin/” or “wp-login.php” to the end of URL. At the login screen bad actors can try to access your website by using Brute-force Attacks. Meaning they can and will try to login into your website using the “admin” username and various passwords.

WordPress Admin Usernames To Avoid

When you’re at the screen where you choose your WordPress admin username here’s a list of usernames to avoid:

  • admin
  • demo
  • test
  • login
  • editor

These are commonly used which is why you want to avoid using these usernames. If you used one of these usernames and want to change it, you can follow the process outlined here.

How To Create A Good WordPress Admin Username

I know some people who use password generators to create a random string of characters and use that as an username. This is very secure yet it’s hard to remember. Plus, you are managing multiple WordPress sites, choosing this option can make administration more difficult or time-consuming.

Other people use their first name or a combination of their first and last name as their admin username. While this is a fine strategy, people can still guess it if your name is associated with the website. I use my name on my personal website. Thus, I don’t use any part of my name in my admin username.

Finally, I know people who use nicknames as their WordPress admin username because it’s easy to remember and sometimes people don’t know that individual goes by a nickname.

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