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Why You Must Own Your Platform

why you must own your platform

Yesterday the news broke about OnlyFans: They are banning sexually explicit content starting in October. In turn, many creators on that platform are upset because they feel betrayed. Plus, they are going to either create less-explicit content or find another website to host their content. OnlyFans’ move is why you must own your platform. If you don’t then you are at the whims of another.

Why You Must Own Your Platform: To Have Control

I have nothing against social media platforms or using Cloud Providers. They provide a good service at a free or low prices. However, you don’t have any control when using these because it’s not yours. Which is why you must own your platform.

I always recommend that people create their own websites and find a good hosting provider. You can even host your own website if you don’t mind setting up and maintaining a web server. Yet, I find too many content creators don’t want to take the initiative to do so. Yes, maintaining a website is work. My blog runs on self-hosted WordPress and I have to apply updates and make backups and keep the site in good running order.

Another reason creators don’t go into this direction is cost. If you want to stream video content you need a server that has a large amount of disk space and a good bandwidth package. And those web hosting plans are going to be pretty pricey monthly. This is why creators put their content on YouTube or OnlyFans to save on cost.

Yet, you give up control to save money. If you break the platform’s Terms of Service you can lose your content and/or your account in a blink of a eye. And usually there’s nothing you can do to get your access back. That brings me to my next point.

Why You Must Own Your Platform: To Protect Against Censorship

Many social media websites are cracking down on the content you can create and/or upload. Back in the day they would remove writing and/or videos calling for violence against others or illegal sexual content, but now they are removing much more. Saying the wrong words? Banned. Covering a controversial subject? Banned. And if you have a relationship with an infamous person on another website, or even real life, you’ll probably be banned.

Which is why you must own your platform so you can have your own voice. Here on my blog I write about what I want to. I don’t worry about censorship. And I don’t worry about someone removing my content. Yeah, someone could pester my web hosting company to cancel my account but that’s rare.

Is It Hard To Create Your Own Platform?

It depends on what you want to do.

If you sell items on Ebay or Amazon you can create your own ecommerce store using platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce. I use the latter mostly because I have complete control over my store.

Now if you want to host creative arts content like music, arts, or writing you can do this easily with a self-hosted WordPress website. There are plenty of plugins you can install to create a portfolio and/or sell your works directly to customers.

Whatever you want to create you can find a way to do so. All it takes is money and time.

Author’s Note: I originally published this piece on my personal blog. I thought it fit well here too so I’m posting it here.

Thanks for reading this post and visiting Brittbot. Keep coming back to read my thoughts about WordPress, building your brand, website services, and programming topics.

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