Wait And See Regarding Woocommerce Extensions

wait and see regarding woocommerce extensions

Before I opened my ecommerce store running Woocommerce I took a long look at their various extensions and made a wish list for some non-free ones. However, I got cold feet when it was time to buy them. Maybe it was the price, I’m not too sure. Whatever the reason I’m glad I didn’t buy those expensive plugins because I may not need them after all. So today I want to tell you why you should wait and see regarding Woocommerce extensions.

Wait And See Regarding Woocommerce Extensions Because You May Not Need The Functionality At First

I was very interested in the AutomateWoo extension when I first learned about it. Features like wooing customers back who abandoned their cart or send credit card expiration emails made me believe I needed it. And I was ready to buy the plugin when it went on sale a couple of weeks ago. Yet, I didn’t after and I’m glad.

A wait and see regarding Woocommerce extensions approach allowed my store to run without the ones I thought I needed I know now that I don’t really need them.

Oh yes, maybe one day I will buy AutomateWoo and some other non-free plugins but not right now. My new online store and its customers don’t need them. And your store may not need them either.

Wait And See Regarding Woocommerce Extensions And Use That Money On Other Parts Of Your Business

Various non-free Woocommerce extensions are expensive. The most expensive ones go up to $299 and you have to pay that yearly!

So to save money don’t buy a bunch of plugins you may not use, and instead use that money on other parts of your business. There will be certain extensions critical to your store that you will need to pay for. Finally, you can take some of those funds and invest in marketing.

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