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Twitter Ads: My Experience For The Past Six Months

For the past six months I’ve used Twitter ads to sell my ebooks, drive traffic to my personal website, and to advertise various articles on this website. Did I get a good return on my investment? Should you use Twitter ads? How was my experience? I’m here to answer those questions. Let’s go!

Why Twitter Ads?

Good question. Many people choose to advertise on Facebook or Google since those platforms get an insane amount of traffic per day. Yet, I ran ads on Twitter because I got a $250 advertising credit.

How did I get that coupon? By being an employee of Twitter. Yes, I work for Twitter. No, I cannot get you verified. My job is to keep the servers running in the data center.

Does this color my experience? No, because I used the coupon to advertise my projects / business. Thus, I used the platform as a customer would. Finally, I didn’t get any special treatment (beside the credit) because I’m an employee.

My Experience With Twitter Ads

The Setup

So to run an ad on Twitter you have to create a campaign. That campaign can be a one-time deal or be reused over and over. Finally, there are various types of campaigns you can run:

twitter ads campaign example

I usually chose Reach or Engagements since that was my goal most of the time. After that you have to fill out information about your ad campaign, provide a budget, and specific a time for your ad to start and stop (although the stop time is optional).

twitter ads campaign setup example

From there you have to choose your Creatives for your ad. This can be a single tweet or several tweets, a Card (text and picture), or a video to name a few. Once you done all that, you can run your ad!

Overall, the setup is very easy which is great for anyone new to running ads. However, if you need assistance the Help section is very informative and explains the process simply.

How Did My Ads Do?

So I ran my ads with very tight daily budgets. I would spend about $5 to $6 a day in specific categories. I usually targeted book readers for my personal website, or web development or small businesses for this website. Below is a graph of the past six months of running ads:

How much I spent on twitter ads.

As you can see, I spent $167.00 for the past six months, and there were points where I didn’t advertise much at all. I got a little over 40,500 impressions, which I think is pretty good from my tight budget. So if you are thinking about trying out Twitter ads with a small daily budget you can get impressions.

My Final Thoughts

I’m happy with my Twitter ads experience. I will run more ads in the future as I still have advertising credit left. Even when the credit runs out I will continue to advertise on Twitter. I like the interaction I get and it’s very easy to reach those in specific markets.

You made it to the end! Thanks for reading this post and visiting Brittbot. Make sure you bookmark this website so you can stay current and improve your business’ website.

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