The WooCommerce App Is Pretty Handy

the woocommerce app

If your ecommerce store is running WooCommerce then you should install the WooCommerce app as it simplifies many of your administrative tasks.

Why I Enjoy The WooCommere App

The app makes checking on your store, orders, and any potential issues easily.

First, I can see how many people visited my store today, this week, for the entire month, and the entire year. From there you can view your “Top performers” and see which of your products or items or services you’re selling the most of. This is helpful because you don’t have to log into your website or check another analytics program.

Second, the Orders tab allows you to view all of your orders without much hassle. You can see which orders are still processing or which ones are fulfilled. When you click on a particular order you can view details about it, such as the items purchased, their costs, among other details. Finally, you can view all of your orders.

Finally, the WooCommerce app is very handy when you need to add a new product. Although I don’t use this feature since I prefer to do this on a computer, those are want to run their store from their phone have the option to do so. And you can add all the types of products via the app that you could do some your site.

This App Is Essential If You’re On The Go

If you are a store owner who is always out and about then you definitely need this app. Not only can you view your store’s inventory, you can make changes to your products or services with a few taps. You can add or remove variations, shipping options, categories, tags, and update the product type. And you can do all of this from your phone or tablet.

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