Start Small With Coding Projects

start small with coding projects

Always start small with coding projects. Why? Because if you make your project too large at first, like you want to implement this feature and that feature, you can get bogged down quickly.

Start Small With Coding Projects: Learn From My Mistake

I’m currently developing a basic blogging website to show off my authentication and database skills. Instead of starting small I got grand ideas and wanted to implement the following:

  • Creating, editing, and deleting blog posts.
  • Designing a fancy website.

Because of this my coding suffered. I had too many features I wanted to build and I wasn’t focusing on designing a good authentication system or how to organize the data in the database.

And when I started developing the code for creating, editing, and deleting the blog posts it didn’t work. That’s because I got caught up in developing other features and made a mess of my layout.

In the end I restart the project and started small. Right now you can see my progress here. As of writing this post I have the blog creation code working properly. Now I need to write the code to view the posts after creating them.

Start Small With Coding Projects: Good Advice When Learning A New Language

You should start small with coding projects with you learn a new programming language. A good way how when you learn how to use conditional logic or data structures is to make a text-based game.

I love making a Rock, Paper, Scissors games because it’s a good way to write and understand conditional logic. A hangman game is a great way to understand while loops.

When it comes to working with databases it’s best to focus on understand how to transform user’s input into database queries to manipulate that data (either create it, edit it, or delete it).

Thanks for reading this post and visiting Brittbot. Keep coming back to read my thoughts about WordPress, building your brand, website services, and programming topics.

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