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Social Media Isn’t A Website Replacement

social media isn't a website replacement

On my YouTube channel I’ve talked about some business topis including about how to build a brand and I bring up the neccessity of having a website these days. I continue to get comments from viewers that they really should create their own website but haven’t done so. And I think I know why: Many are using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as their point-of-contact. However, that’s a bad idea as social media isn’t a website replacement. How so? I’ll explain.

Social Media Isn’t A Website Replacement Because You Don’t Control The Platform’s Design

When you use a social media platform you have no control over it. You can’t design how you want your profile to appear, the color scheme, the images you want to use, or other attributes. Yes, these platforms give you choices to choose from but you can’t make the decisions on Facebook or Twitter than you could on your own website.

Thus, you can’t use a new plugin or software that seems interesting or would help your business. And you have to wait to see if the platform will implement it, or even consider using it. You can always request a new feature but that goes into their long list of feature requests. Then the company’s internal team has to decide which features are not only possible to develop but if they’re profitable.

Social Media Isn’t A Website Replacement Because You Can Lose Your Account At Any Time

We hear about some popular person or controversial figure losing their social media account because they tweeted something bad or they “misused” the platform. Thus, we remember quickly that none of us have the right to use any social media platform and can be removed at any time. That’s why social media isn’t a website replacement.

Many people who rely on these platform to build an audience or run their business are in fear of losing their account access. And these individuals could have their accounts suspended for any reason, even if he or she didn’t break the platform’s Terms Of Service. With AI running most of the flagging programs on social media many accounts are wrongfully suspended and those individuals have to fight to get their accounts back. Some don’t.

That’s Why You Need A Website

I have an article on my blog that explains in more detail why you need a website today. However, I wrote this post today because more and more people who know they need a website are postponing making one. They think using social media is just fine for their needs. Yet, they don’t realize the amount of power they will have once they create their own site. And if their social media accounts are ever suspended or deleted, then these people will be happy to know their customers and fans can still find them online.

Thanks for reading this post and visiting Brittbot. Keep coming back to read my thoughts about WordPress, building your brand, website services, and programming topics.

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