ShortPixel WP Plugin: Compress Your Images & Decrease Loading Time


One of the biggest reasons why many websites load slow is due to its images. While you should forgo using any images to increase your site’s speed it would look pretty bland. Yet, you can’t include highly-detailed pictures with huge file sizes on your site because it will slow it down (and hurt your SEO rankings). So how can you fix this problem? If you use WordPress you can install the ShortPixel plugin which compresses your images but doesn’t ruin the image quality.

How ShortPixel Works

ShortPixel uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to compress and serve your images. Plus, the plugin doesn’t alter your original images at all. Meaning if you don’t like how a compressed image appears on your website you can restore the original from a backup.

ShortPixel is a free plugin with some paid options. You get 100 images optimized for free per month. However, if you need more images than that compressed then consider using their paid tiers. You can sign up for their monthly plan or buy one-time credits that last forever. I chose the latter option.

Now the company doesn’t require you to buy multiple licenses if you want to use the plugin on multiple websites. All you need to do is create one API key and have enough credits on your account.

You may think this plugin may not work for photographers because of the compression used but the software offers a glossy option.

Finally, the plugin works with the following file types:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • PDF
  • WebP
  • Avif

How I Use ShortPixel

I use the plugin in combination of manual resizing my images in GIMP. I get free images from Pexel and Unsplash and those images are quite large with a hefty file size. So I resize them to 1920×1280, save them in the .jpg format, and then upload them to my websites. From there ShortPixel compresses them further, reducing the file size and increasing my site’s loading speed. Now you can skip the manual resizing if you want and just use the plugin.

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