RestroPress: An Alternative To Food Delivery Platforms


This past week I’ve seen a few videos on YouTube about how the various food delivery platforms like DoorDash and UberEats kept the restaurant industry alive during the Covid Pandemic but not without taking a large cut. Thus, many restaurants, especially independent ones, are reassessing their relationship with these companies. What I would recommend to any restaurant is to create their own WordPress website using RestroPress. Here’s why:

What Is RestroPress?

RestroPress is a WordPress plugin that turns any full-width theme that allows restaurants to sell their food online. The plugin provides the following features:

  • Menu creation and management
  • Mobile ordering
  • Discount and coupon codes
  • Online store creation and management
  • Customer order processing
  • Various payment options

This plugin is free to download and use but there are several non-free extensions individuals can buy that improve the functionality of the plugin. Thus, one should be prepared to spend additional money not only on creating their site with RestroPress but to host it too.

Here’s Why Restaurants Should Consider Using RestroPress

Restaurants should consider using RestroPress if they 1) have a WordPress website and want to enable online ordering, or 2) if they are tired or cannot afford the fees from the various food delivery platforms. There’s nothing wrong with DoorDash or UberEats or Grubhub charging fees. They have to pay their expenses of building and maintaining their platform. And they have to pay their employees and delivery personnel.

There are costs to doing business, but for the restaurant industry those costs are growing due to customer demand. Customers want online ordering, they want delivery, and they do not want to deal with outdated technology. So it’s imperative for restaurants to determine how they are going to provide these features.

By using RestroPress a restaurant owner has full control over their expenses. They will have to pay for payment processing, web hosting fees, delivery drivers, and paying for a web developer, but they can control those costs. If they join a food delivery platform they cannot.

How To Determine If RestroPress Is A Good Move For Your Business

Here’s why you should use RestroPress if:

  • You are willing to build a website yourself or pay someone else to build and maintain it
  • Controlling your online ordering and delivery costs is important
  • You want to develop your brand and build a customer base outside of food delivery apps

Here’s why you shouldn’t use RestroPress if:

  • You require the delivery option provided by the food delivery platforms
  • You do not have the funds to pay someone else to build/maintain the site nor can do it on your own

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