Programming Posts Coming!

programming posts coming

After giving this some thought I decided to rebrand my website and add some next content. As of next week programming posts coming to Brittbot!

Why Are Programming Posts Coming?

I am currently improving my Web Development skills by taking this class on Udemy. This is the site I used to also learn Python a couple of years ago.

I’ve taken Web Development classes in the past and learned JavaScript along with Ruby. After a long break of doing no coding at all, I decided to learn Python in 2018. That reignited my desire of coding.

In 2020 I decided to learn JavaScript again and other new frameworks so I could improve some of my non-WordPress sites. (This could be the sites hosting my Python web apps.)

Now I want to discuss this journey and talk about programming in general. I may offer some tips or show off some code I wrote. Overall, I want to talk about this passion on my blog.

Will I Still Post About WordPress & Website Stuff?

Yep! I will still write posts about WordPress & website stuff. That is not going away. I may discuss about building sites from scratch using no frameworks or just one framework. This skill-set is very important in understanding how websites work, and how you can go into the code and tweak the framework to fit into your needs.

Posts Coming Twice A Week Now!

Since I’m going to cover my topics I will have to post twice a week. Starting May 17th I will posts new content every Monday and Friday at 10am EST!

I’m really excited of what’s going to come and I hope you are too!

Thanks for reading this post and visiting Brittbot. Bookmark this website to stay current on the latest website services and to improve your business’ website.

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