Prepare For Holiday Shopping Now!

prepare for holiday shopping now

This week is the last full week in October and holiday shopping is just around the corner. Time flies so quickly, and it’s time to think about buying presents for Christmas. Which is why all ecommerce business owners should prepare for holiday shopping now!

Prepare For Holiday Shopping Now To Avoid Delays

All business owners need to prepare for holiday shopping now to avoid delays, be it packaging or shipping or both.

Mostly because there is still a labor shortage in America. Hence, shipping companies like USPS, UPS, and Fedex either extended their shipping times or warned businesses shipping delays. This is due to the increased volume of packages they have to process and deliver with less employees. While they are doing their best to hire new employees, I don’t believe they will meet their recruitment goals before the holiday rush begins.

So what can you do to prepare for this? For one, you can start your sales early. I’m doing that with my online store. Starting November 1st I’m running deep discounts for an entire week for a particular item or items. Thus, customers can order now and save money and don’t have to worry about not getting their item before the holidays. Another thing you can do is make an announcement to your customers about the possibility of shipping delays. You can do this via a blog post or a message at the top of your website.

Prepare For Holiday Shopping Now To Avoid Shortages

In addition, to the labor shortage there is a raw materials and products shortage due to the shipping issues plaguing the West Coast. While the Federal Government is trying to resolve this issue, it appears their methods aren’t working fast enough. In turn, companies like Walmart, Target, and Costco chartered their own boats to deliver goods. They really don’t want to wait because holiday shopping is their biggest source of yearly revenue.

There may be little you can do to prepare for this. While you may be able to order extra inventory now, or source inventory from another vendor, you can still run out. Especially if you have more sales than you anticipate.

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