My Review Of EasyWP: Cheap Yet Reliable WordPress Hosting

my review of easywp

When it comes to WordPress hosting there are many choices out there. Some of the top choices are that WordPress recommends are Bluehost, Dreamhost, and SiteGround. Yet, those companies can be expensive depending on your needs. However, there is a new managed WordPress hosting service that’s cheap yet reliable: EasyWP. I’ve used this service since the beta and this article is my review of EasyWP.

What Is EasyWP?

EasyWP is the true managed WordPress hosting for everyone


EasyWP is a managed WordPress hosting service provided by Namecheap. This hosting makes it incredibly easy to setup a new WordPress website within minutes, while simplifying the maintenance with that website. This is because Namecheap handles all the backend server maintenance for you. (To understand how that works read my article about the difference between shared and managed WordPress hosting.)

My Review Of Easy WP

The Good

After using EasyWP for over two years now I can say that this web hosting is very inexpensive for the quality of product you receive. I pay about $30 a year for the Starter plan which comes out to $2.50 a month. When I look at other WordPress hosting plans I’m seeing similar plans ranging from $4 a month up to $15 a month. This is very good if you want to run a blog or a personal resume or even a small business website.

If you are a brand new customer you can even try out EasyWP for free for 30 days. After that you can get a heavy discount if you pay for a yearly subscription. Or you can go for the monthly payment plan which is slightly more.

Finally, I’ve only had one period of extended downtime from the service. EasyWP had some issues that persisted over 2 days causing my websites to be down. While this was bad I wasn’t too upset since I’m not running critical websites and/or services on EasyWP. And I highly suggest you don’t either.

The Bad

If you want direct access to cPanel you won’t get that with EasyWP. They have their own dashboard for you to do some administrative tasks. So if you want complete control over your WordPress installation then this service is not for you. However, you can access the database or the files through SFTP through third-party applications.

Finally, if something on the backend breaks or doesn’t work as planned then you have to contact customer service. I’ve had backups that wouldn’t complete and I had to contact customer service for assistance. They got technical support involved which resolved the issue within 1 to 2 business days.


Here’s the conclusion of my review of EasyWP: This is a great WordPress hosting solution for those wanting to run a personal blog, a resume website, or even a small business page without any ecommerce. However, if you need or want more backend access, or want to run an online store then EasyWP is not for you. Consider a shared hosting solution instead.

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