My Experience With Google Merchant So Far

google merchant

Recently, I got an email from WooCommerce stating there was a new plugin available that would help me setup my products on Google Merchant. The two companies worked together to help those using the WooCommerce platform to transfer their products easily onto Google Shopping. I thought this would be a boon to me because I could advertise and sell my clothing & accessories on a huge platform. Well, after working with the service for the past week I want to talk about my experience with Google Merchant so far.

My Experience With Google Merchant: It’s Time-Consuming For Custom-Made Products

So far my experience with Google Merchant is time-consuming because I’m selling custom-made clothing & accessories. I’m not selling items with a barcode or a gtin. Thus, I have to do additional work after I sync my products via the WooCommerce plugin.

In addition, it seems the plugin isn’t pulling in all the information that Google wants because when I check the products’ status on the Google Merchant dashboard I have a bunch of warning I have to fix. Usually the color, age group, and gender attributes are missing.

This requires me to download the CSV file of the affected products and add those attributes. Then I have to create a Supplemental Feed to connect to my Primary Feed to update the products’ attributes. As you can see this takes a bunch of time. Which is leading me to the next point.

My Experience With Google Merchant: I Don’t Know If This Is Worth My Time & Energy

Looking upon my experience with Google Merchant so far I don’t know if I want to continue pouring my time and energy into the platform.

If I have to continue making CSV files to update the attributes because the plugin isn’t working properly, or my custom items are outside of the scope of Google Merchant, then I may not use it. I know this could hurt me because I’m not putting my products on a huge platform like Google Shopping but I rather put my time and energy into building and marketing my own store.

When I compare this to how I create my items in Printify and send that info over to WooCommerce with a click of a button I don’t want to deal with Google Merchant. With Printify it just works and I rather deal with a platform that works without much manual interaction.

Thanks for reading this post and visiting Brittbot. Keep coming back to read my thoughts about WordPress, building your brand, website services, and programming topics.

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