MongoDB: I Like It, So Far


I recently finished up my training of MongoDB in the Web Development class I’m taking on Udemy and so far I’m liking it. Although I enjoy using Structured Query Language (SQL) database, I was able to get use to how to perform queries and write code using NoSQL databases like MongoDB.

Why I’m Liking MongoDB

MongoDB is a database that doesn’t use the strict language that SQL requires. Thus, it’s easier to write and perform queries. It reminds me of when I learned Python a few years back. Although I used JavaScript with my MongoDB training, the actual database coding is like talking.

What I mean by that is you don’t have to use a strict language environment like Java requires. (Side note: I tried to learn Java a few years back and grew so frustrated that I gave up. I will try to learn it again, however.) MongoDB is uses JSON-like documents to hold its data. Thus, it’s very easy to preform CRUD operations, which is Create, Read, Update, and Delete.

Speaking of that, MongoDB provides an extensive how-to guide on how to use the software and perform many operations. On top of that the documentation is written well and provides easy-to-follow examples. Sometimes I don’t find this when trying out a new language or tool (I’m looking at you, Flask).

Will I Continue To Use MongoDB?

Yes! I will continue to use MongoDB in my personal apps because I spent so much time learning that I want to use it, and I love its ease of use.

Now, after my Web Development training is over, I want to use the database with Python code. Actually, I need to refresh myself with the language after learning JavaScript. I do love Python and enjoy creating in that language. And I want to see it in action with a NoSQL database.

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