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Learning A New Skill: Now Is A Great Time!

learning a new skill

Today I want to implore you, the reader, who may have more downtime now due to the Covid Pandemic to use that time in learning a new skill. I know you rather binge-watch shows on Netflix or play video games but that’s not going to help you with this ever-changing economy.

Learning A New Skill Is Important Because Certain Industries Are Declining

We saw how the Hospitality and the Travel industries were almost decimated by the Covid lock-downs. You can lump in the Entertainment industry too as many employees couldn’t film movies, TV shows, or put on concerts. Thus, these employees lost their jobs. And even though the world is slowly opening up some of the jobs in these industries aren’t coming back. Hence, these employees won’t have a job.

So how can you combat this? By learning a new skill. There are many industries needing workers:

  • The Trades (electricians, carpenters, plumbers, etc.)
  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation / Logistics
  • Manufacturing

Finally, some of these industries will even train you and provide a salary too.

Learning A New Skill Is Easier To Do Than Ever Before

I push people into learning a new skill today because it’s easier to do than ever before. You can learn using YouTube, which is free. Or you can pay for a class on Udemy. I highly recommend this path if you want to learn certain skills like anything relating to Information Technology or certain Business and/or Marketing skills. With Udemy there’s always a sale so you can purchase a class for cheap. And you get lifetime access to your class. Finally, many classes are updated regularly to include new material.

Thanks for reading this post and visiting Brittbot. Keep coming back to read my thoughts about WordPress, building your brand, website services, and programming topics.

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