I’m Learning React! And It’s Going Pretty Well

im learning react

I’m learning React! Actually I’m taking a Full-Stack Web Development class from Udemy and one of the portions of the class is about the framework. Today I want to discuss why I’m learning this and some projects I want to make using React.

Here’s Why I’m Learning React

The first reason I’m learning React is because I’m learning JavaScript. And although some people do code using vanilla JavaScript, many software developers use a library to make their jobs easier. I think it’s best to learn how to use the programming language before you dive into learning a framework.

The second reason I’m learning React because it’s an in-demand framework. Many popular websites use it so it’s good educate myself in a skill that highly-employable.

The final reason I’m learning this library is because it’s something I tried to teach myself before. However, I didn’t stick with it because I was learning another language. Thus, I didn’t have enough mental energy to learn two different languages at once.

I’m Learning React And Enjoying It!

I’m enjoying my time in learning this framework even though sometimes I get stuck or don’t tackle my homework properly.

What I really enjoy about this library is how you can break up parts of the website so you can customize it. It’s wonderful not having to retype code over and over. And it’s surprising how easy it is to use the library to create a website quickly.

Some Projects I Want To Create With It

One project I want to create with React is to recreate a project currently using Python (and wrote about on this blog): Where Should I Go Eat? The reason why is to compare and contrast the differences between using Python/Flask and React/Express. I want to see how easy or difficult it is to use the latter since I already have the web app up and running.

Another project I want to create is a text choose-your-adventure game. I wanted to make this project for awhile now. And I created a short game using Python a couple of years ago. I have an idea of implementing a database (most likely MongoDB since I learned it in the class) so a player can save their progress. This project could become huge so I will need to write an outline and a story so I can keep it under control.

Thanks for reading this post and visiting Brittbot. Keep coming back to read my thoughts about WordPress, building your brand, website services, and programming topics.

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