I Gave Up On Google Merchant

i gave up on google merchant

I wrote about my experience with using the new plugin to put my products on Google Shopping. After much energy and work I gave up on Google Merchant and deleted the plugin from my WooCommerce store. Now I’ll explain why I quit.

I Gave Up On Google Merchant Because It’s Not The Right Platform For My Products

I gave up on Google Merchant because my store sells custom clothing and accessories. These products do not have a barecode or a gtin which Google Shopping really wants. Thus, it’s hard to get my product eligible for the platform’s shopping experience.

In addition, my shipping is a little more complex than what I can explain on Google Merchant. I use Printify for my products. When a customer makes a purchase the order goes to the specific vendor I’ve chosen and they print the shirt, magnet, or button. Unfortunately, some vendors only print specific items and not everything I want to sell. So the shipping is calculated per item, per vendor. This is not hard to setup through WooCommerce but on Google Merchant it is.

Finally, I didn’t like that I had to provide so much additional information manually through spreadsheets. The plugin I used isn’t at fault; the problem is that I sell custom clothing and accessories. The information that Google wants isn’t passing through from the plugin because it’s not there. Thus, I have to spend more time adding that info (like color, size, or gender) into a spreadsheet and add it as a feed in Google Merchant. I rather not do this because the integration between Printify and WooCommerce is seamless!

What Will I Do Now?

I’m going to focus on my own store and not worry about putting my product on other platforms. It appears that’s going to take too much time and energy and I rather spend that on my own platform that I control.

Thanks for reading this post and visiting Brittbot. Keep coming back to read my thoughts about WordPress, building your brand, website services, and programming topics.

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