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How To Block Spam Comments In WordPress

how to block spam comments

If you have a WordPress website with a comment section you will get spam comments. Before you go and install a plugin to completely remove the comment section, here’s how to block spam comments in WordPress using 3 techniques.

How To Block Spam Comments In WordPress: Create A Comment Blocklist

WordPress has a “Comment Blocklist” feature already built into the software that you can use to block spam comments. When a visitor leaves a comment using one or more of the blocklist words then that comment is sent directly to the trash. Thus, these spam comments won’t ruin your site’s comment section. You would still have to go into the “Trash” and delete those comments.

This feature is located in the “Discussion Settings” in the “Settings” section. When you scroll down halfway you will see a large text box where you can enter one or more words to block. Here is a screenshot of the comment blocklist I use for this site:

how to block spam comments: use the comment blocklist feature.

I chose these words because I seen spammer leave comments using those words in the past on previous websites I owned or visited. Thus, if anyone is trying to lure someone to visit their site to buy porn or prescriptions, those comments will not display on my website.

However, using the “Comment Blocklist” can catch valid comments. So you will have to verify all the comments in the “Trash” are actually spam comments. If a comment is not spam, then you can always remove it from the “Trash” and approve it to show in your comment section.

In the end, using the “Comment Blocklist” doesn’t truly remove spam comments from your website as you have to manually remove them. And you have to add more and more comments to the list. I have to do just that when I see new spammers on my site. Yet, this feature is an easy way to keep these comments at bay.

How To Block Spam Comments In WordPress: Upgrade From The Default Comment System

I’ll keep this short and sweet: The default comment system included in WordPress sucks. It sucks because:

  • The system has very basic design and functionality.
  • It has no built in spam protection.

So what should do is upgrade from the default comment system. Now there are so many comment plugins available for WordPress. Some are free while others are expensive.

I use wpDiscuz for my websites now. It is a free plugin with paid extensions. However, the free version works very well in my opinion. According to the developers, there are over 100 features included in the free version, include spam protection.

The spam protection in wpDiscuz is excellent in my opinion. I don’t have a problem with spam comments at all.

I do suggest you investigate and even try out other comment systems. Here’s a short list of the most popular ones:

How To Block Spam Comments In WordPress: Use A Spam Filter Plugin

Finally, how to block spam comments in WordPress? Use a spam filter plugin.

By default, WordPress installs the Akismet spam filter plugin. Unfortunately, this plugin cost money to use. Yes, you can name your own price for one of the plans, but you still have to spend a little money per month. If you have a personal blog this may not be the right option for you. However, if you run an online business then investing in this plugin could be a good choice.

A good totally free option is the Antispam Bee plugin. Yes, it’s totally free and doesn’t run ads on your site.

Frankly, I don’t use either plugin on any of my sites. I prefer to use a comment system with good spam protection. However, there’s no problem installing both a good comment system and a spam filter plugin.

You made it to the end! Thanks for reading this post and visiting Brittbot. Make sure you bookmark this website so you can stay current and improve your business’ website.

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