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Facebook Banned My Business Page

facebook banned my business page

About two weeks ago I created a business page on Facebook for my ecommerce store, Let’s All Meat. I did some initial setup but the site isn’t up and running just yet so I took a break. That includes my personal profile. Well, I decided to log into my account to do a few things and was greeted with a short message that my account was suspended. I could appeal their decision by following their process, which I did. However, Facebook banned my business page after the appeal. I still don’t know why and that bothers me.

The Facebook Appeal Process

The Facebook appeal process is pretty straight-forward. I provided some personal details like my phone number and a picture of myself. The latter I knew wouldn’t help my case because I didn’t have a picture of myself on the business page or my personal profile just yet.

Speaking of my personal profile I didn’t update that either. Frankly, I didn’t want one after I deleted my Facebook account years ago but I signed up to Facebook again to promote my business.

As I went through the appeal process I heard nothing from Facebook. They didn’t even email me when they suspended my account, even though they had the right email address on file. Thus, when they denied my appeal and permanently banned my business page I only found out when I logged into my account again.

The company told me I could download my information but I didn’t because there wasn’t any information to download. I hadn’t finish setting up my page yet.

Facebook Banned My Business Page Because I Broke Their Community Standards

Yes, that was the reason my account was suspended and eventually banned for. I read through their Community Standards and I have no idea what standard I broke.

My pages wasn’t violent or participated in any criminal behavior. I sell clothing and accessories with images of meat on them. And those images aren’t graphic. They have funny slogans and pictures of steak and bacon.

As for safety, again, my page didn’t put anyone into danger. The same with objectionable content. There wasn’t any nudity or offensive material.

When it comes with integrity and authenticity, I don’t see how my business profile would break that. I linked to my website and email address. I didn’t create the page to spam people. Actually, I was going to spend money on Facebook ads and sell products on it once my business was up and running.

The only standard I could see my page could break was the one regarding intellectual property. Maybe someone reported my business page infringed on their trademark or copyright. From my search, I can’t find a business similar to my name but that doesn’t matter. Anyone can submit a trademark or copyright claim.

Will I Try To Get Another Facebook Business Page?

Nope. I could try to open another page using a different email address but if Facebook could wipe away my work like that I don’t want to waste my time. Plus, their communication sucked. They didn’t even inform me when they suspended my page.

Yes, this move could hurt my social media presence but that’s why I’m writing this post. And I will write a similar one for the blog on my ecommerce site.

Other Social Platforms I’m Interested In

I plan to open a Twitter account for my business since I use it already for my personal profile and for Brittbot. I haven’t had any trouble with Twitter even though they are purging a bunch of accounts right now.

I’m also interested in learning how to use Pinterest. I believe that platform will work well with my store after some research. And I read their ads work well too. I just need to do some research.

To close out this article I’ve decided not to use Facebook or Instagram or anything else related to Facebook. Their actions left me heavily disappointed and I can take my time and money elsewhere.

Thanks for reading this post and visiting Brittbot. Bookmark this website to stay current on the latest website services and to improve your business’ website.

Scene from The Social Network
Kinda how I feel after breaking “Community Standards”

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