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Do You Need A Blog On Your Website?

do you need a blog

Do you need a blog on your website? This is a question many businesses have before and after they create/publish their website. For most companies they go ahead and add a blog, post a few articles, and then give up. At least this is what I see when I visit businesses websites from small, medium, and large businesses. So in this article I will answer that question along with providing a suggestion many companies can use instead of using a blog.

Do You Need A Blog On Your Website? Yes!

Yes, you need a blog if your business is related to content creation, like blogging, creating videos, or providing social media services. Because you need to showcase your blog to potential customers. You also need a blog on your website if that is central to building your brand.

In addition, you must create a post schedule, display that schedule on your site somewhere, and then adhere to that schedule. Now this is the hard part and many individuals fail to uphold their schedule, myself included. Even if you can only post one new article a week then do so. There’s no rule that you have to publish an article multiple times a day, let alone once a day.

If you can’t provide the articles for your blog you will have to hire someone to do this work for you. You can find bloggers on sites like Upwork or Fiverr. However, you shouldn’t cheap out when you go this route because you really will get what you pay for.

Do You Need A Blog On Your Website? No!

No, you do not need a blog on your website if your brand doesn’t require it.

I’ve seen websites for restaurants and hair care products with under-utilized blogs. It wasn’t because the owners neglected that portion of their site but because their brand didn’t need it. While you could write articles about the inspiration for your menu or discuss the products in your hair care this content will not bring in visitors.

Instead, owners should make a News section on their website and use that in place of a blog. This section works better because owners can use it to announce new products, updates to their hours, any other newsworthy tidbits that couldn’t work well as a article.

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