Built By WordPress: Who’s Willing To Pay $4900 For It?

built by wordpress

While viewing articles on my phone today I came across a new service from Automattic, the company behind WordPress: Built By WordPress. This service, geared toward those who want a website and don’t know how to build one, costs a cool $4900 minimum. Oh Lord, that’s a lotta money. I will determine who is willing to pay that amount of money.

Why Did Automattic Create Built By WordPress?

Two reasons: Wix & Squarespace.

These companies offer website and hosting packages to those wanting to build anything from a personal blog to an ecommerce store. In addition, they have services to help individuals and enterprises to create a website based around their needs. WordPress doesn’t have that. Yes, they have WordPress.com but the individual or the company still has to build the website.

To learn more about the service this article from Search Engine Journal explains it well.

Who Would Use Built By WordPress?

After reading the information about the service I determined this is geared to individuals or companies that want a premium WordPress website but aren’t sure how to go about creating one.

Yes, they could go to Fiverr or UpWork and find a WordPress developer or design house to help them. However, it’s hard for those new to WordPress, or Web Development, to pick a good consultant or designer. Because of that, you can get burned pretty quickly. Finally, those individuals could end up with a website that doesn’t fit their needs.

Built By WordPress assists those individuals or companies by being the middle-man. The service is currently in Beta but they will partner you with an approved agency to build your website. Finally, the services helps those wanting an ecommerce, educational, or professional services website.

My final determination is that Built By WordPress is for those with deep pockets. The service starts at $4900. After you apply and explain the scope of your project, the cost will rise. I could see an individual or company easily paying cost to $10,000 for a mid-size ecommerce store, or a professional services website requiring customer login.


This service is very new and we don’t know how it’s going to work just yet. I don’t think this will replace freeland WordPress developers or design companies. In fact, I could see those individuals partner with Automattic in the future to help build these sites.

The only downside to Built By WordPress is the price point. For five thousand bucks one could find a local company to help design, build, and host their website. Especially if someone lives in mid-size to large city. This way they have a local contact they could visit for support.

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