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Backup Your WordPress Site Using Two Methods

So you have your WordPress website up and running, people are visiting it, and you upload new content regularly. Protect all of your hard work and backup your WordPress site regularly. I provide two methods how you can do just that in this article. Let’s go!

Reasons Why To Backup Your WordPress Site

The reasons to backup your WordPress site are the same reasons you backup your data on your computer and/or mobile device:

  • Protect your data against accidental deletion.
  • Restore your data or transfer it onto a new device.

It’s very easy to delete data from your website, and if you are aware of your actions you may be not able to save your data from permanent deletion. But with a backup you can restore your data if there is accidental deletion.

A backup is great protection if a hacker or scammer takes control over your website and does damage to it. Again, you can restore your data and all of your hard work if you backup your site regularly.

Finally, if you want to transfer your website to another web hosting company you need to backup your entire WordPress installation so you can restore it without rebuilding your entire website.

Backup Your WordPress Website Method #1: Through Your Web Hosting Company

You can backup your website using the backup option your web hosting company provides. Depending on your plan, you can backup your site manually or you can setup a specific schedule (like daily or weekly).

Now you have to research what exactly your web hosting company will backup when you use this option. Some companies may not backup all of your WordPress files like the database which contain all of your posts, pages, images, etc.

The main advantage of this type of backup is that you can restore your entire website without doing little to no configuration. However, if you need to restore a single file or a little bit of data, then this backup is not for you. In that case you need to use a backup plugin.

The main disadvantage of this backup is if you don’t download your backups onto another device, a hacker or scammer who takes over your web hosting account can delete or corrupt that data.

Backup Your WordPress Website Method #2: Through A Plugin

Instead of using your web hosting company’s backup option, you can use a WordPress plugin instead. This is the option I use on all of my WP sites.

This option is better because you have more control over the data you backup, how often you run the backups, and have the ability to export/download that data.

I currently use the All-in-One WP Migration plugin. This allows you to backup your entire WP installation, including all of the WordPress files and database, and export it to another installation on another web host.

Currently I use this plugin to backup my sites through their backup option. Each backup is labeled with a date and you can add custom labels. Finally, it’s easy to download the backup onto another device, restore the backup, or delete it.

If you want to use the cloud storage option, you will need to buy the premium extension which is pretty pricey in my opinion. The Personal Site license is $99. However, if you run an ecommerce site, the extra cost is worth it so you can restore your data quickly and easily.

You made it to the end! Thanks for reading this post and visiting Brittbot. Make sure you bookmark this website so you can stay current and improve your business’ website.

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