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Ads On Your Site: Stupid Idea, Or Fantastic Income Source?

ads on your site

You may have this question when it comes to your website: Should you host ads on your site? Is that a good way to make extra income? How can I go about hosting ads on my website? Would that turn away my visitors? Finally, what’s the pros and cons of these ads? I’m here to provide the answers to those questions. Let’s go!

Ads On Your Site: Pros & Cons


  • Ads provide a revenue stream.
  • You can setup specific partnerships with companies you like and/or trust (and still make additional money).

If you are looking for another revenue stream from your website then hosting ads on your site is a valid option. You can join Google’s Adsense program and that’s the top choice for many website owners. However, there are many other companies in this marketplace. While I currently use Adsense on my websites, including Brittbot, you should do your research when it comes to choosing an advertising partner. My biggest suggestion to make sure you join a company that gives you control over the type of ads you can host on your site, and have a good interface and/or dashboard.

Speaking of partnerships, you can forgo signing up with advertising companies and choose to do partnerships instead. These can be an affiliate program or a specific partnership program with a company. You see this all the time with social media influencers. They showcase a product or service, and discuss why he or she uses it or loves it. Depending on the partnership, you will make money from visitors using your special link to make purchases or by driving traffic to a website.


  • Too many ads on your site can slow it down.
  • Some visitors don’t like seeing ads.
  • Your ads may not be seen due to ad-blocking software.

If you overload your website with ads that can slow it down. Depending on your company you use, your website has to contact another server to download the ad or ads to display. So if you are going to show ads on your site keep them to a minimum. I suggest showing less than 5 ads on a page. However, if the ads are quite large then show less.

Why? Because some of your visitors don’t like seeing ads. Especially if your website provides information. I myself get mad when I go to a site to learn something and then I’m bombarded by a bunch of ads. And if one of the ads is an auto-play video, I really get upset and usually leave the website.

Which leads to the final cons of ads on your site: Ad-blocking software. Many desktop and mobile web browsers have this software built-in and many users love it. Again, it’s because many ads are intrusive. What can you do about this? You can ask your visitors to configure their browser to allow it to show ads from your site. Or you can make sponsored posts, as these are not usually blocked by ad-blocking software.

You made it to the end! Thanks for reading this post and visiting Brittbot. Make sure you bookmark this website so you can stay current and improve your business’ website.

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28 days ago

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